Organ Cleansing

Why would I want to clean my organs, you ask? Well, do you change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles? Would you expect your car to last its lifetime if you did not change the oil? No, of course not. So why would you expect your liver, your gall bladder, your kidneys to last your lifetime unless you “changed the oil” once a year? Every 3 months choose a different organ to clean. Be healthy!

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Use only organic products:

Gallstones from Gall Bladder

Day 1
Only organic apple juice. NO food

8 am
8 oz apple juice
10 am
16 oz of apple juice

16 oz of apple juice
2 pm
16 oz

4 pm
16 oz of apple juice
6 pm

Day 2
Follow the same schedule as day 1 except add in 4 oz of olive oil at bedtime and lay on right side.
Go right to bed after olive oil. During night should pass “gravel” urine.

Gall Bladder Strengthening
Fresh lemon juice in 1 cup of hot water upon awakening.
2 tsps of lemon juice before each meal.
Keeps gallbladder empty and strong.

Lack of Bile output: 1 small red or white radish before each meal

Kidney and/or Bladder Stones
Parsley tea for 3 days with no other food ~ or ~ 7 oz dark grape juice with 1 tsp cream of tartar. Take 2 oz 3 times a day before meals ~ or ~ Boil 2 tbls dandelion roots in 1 quart of apple juice ~ or ~ Boil 5 whole beets in 3 quarts water for 1 hr. Drink 7 oz three times a day. Kidney Infection: Eat all the watermelon you want for 2 days. No other food.

Kidney problems: Eat celery tops after each meal for 5 weeks.

Liver and Pancreas Detoxification

Soak 1 pound dried apricots in pineapple juice.
Next day blend it with the juice of fresh pineapples.
Take this as only food for 2 days.

Liver Cleanse
Step 1) take one capsule of Dr. Schultz formula #1 at dinner time. Your goal here is to have 2 to 3 bowel movements a day. If you do not, increase to 2 capsules the following day – with your dinner. Increase 1 capsule per day until you achieve 2 to 3 movements a day.
Step 2) take 1 heaping teaspoon of Dr. Schultz’s formula #2 five times a day for 5 days while continuing with formula #1 ~ at the same time. You prepare formula #2 by a) put a little water into a 12 ounce jar ~ b) put in your heaping teaspoon of powder and c) add 6 oz of fruit juice and 6 oz water. Shake well … and drink. After, drink another 4 – 6 oz water. You may need to increase formula #1 by one more capsule if you get constipated from formula #2. Now you are officially ready for your liver cleanse!
Step 3) for the next 3 days take 100 drops of ortho-phos (short for ortho-phosphoric acid) in 1 quart of organic apple juice and drink during the morning. If you can’t take apple juice, take 135 drops of ortho-phos in 1 quart of water. You may eat regularly as this is not a fasting cleanse.
Step 3 ~ after 3 days of the ortho-phos – eat an early dinner and 1 hour before bedtime, drink 1 cup of organic cold-pressed high quality olive oil. If you want, you may mix it with 1 cup of coke and 1 whole squeezed lemon. Although, I drink it down plain, I have hard that the mixture above make it easier to drink the olive oil.
Step 4 ~ now it’s time to go to bed and bring your knees up to your chest and lay on your right side (where your liver is) for 1/2 hour. You may either go to sleep at this point or get up.
Step 5 ~ do not worry if you have spasms or vomit. This is a good thing. It means your body is getting rid of stones and your liver is being cleansed.
Step 6 ~ some people choose to take an herbal laxative in the morning to help flush the stones out of the colon.
Step 7 ~ some people choose to have a colonic for further cleansing. Although I believe that colonics are extremely beneficial, if you did step 1 and 2 (formulae #1 and #2) then that should do the trick!
Step 7 ~ How to tell if your need more cleanses: a. if that which comes out is green and slimy (it’s mold) b. if that which comes out is black (you’re getting there) c. if you are seriously ill – you need at least 6 cleanses. Skip one or 2 weeks in between cleanses. If you are very, very ill ~ this is so worth it! When you pass an orange/reddish stone, you are done!
If you are wondering where to get the remedies you need for this particular cleanse ~ Formula #1, Formula #2, and/or Ortho-Phos ~ please email me here or call me at 401-465-5438.

Weak Bladder
1 tsp pumpkin seeds 3 times a day to strengthen bladder muscles

Lymph Cleanser
Boil 3 tbls barley in 1 quart water for 30 min. Strain. Add clove and cinnamon. Drink in 1 day. Clears congestion in lymphatic system.

Lymphatic System
Drink 4 to 5 cups cucumber juice for 1 week to purify lymphatic system and the blood. Will clear complexion, too.