Medical Intuitive

Shamanism: Ancient Inka Healing

While Judy offers classes in shamanic studies, she also does shamanic healing long distance: over the phone and via email. Feel free to contact her for a healing. She has clients nationally and internationally because she is gifted with the ability to “see” into one’s body and spirit and create a healing state. This type of “seeing” and “healing” is also known as a medical intuitive and psychic healing. Healing takes place on many levels, and when one heals on the energetic “level,” one also heals ancestoral past and the future of children ~ in other words, your lineage. Also, shamanic healings can include soul retrievals and going into past lives which greatly benefit ones’ life today ~ especially if there are unexplained problems going on health-wise or situation-wise.

Shamanism is a spiritual state of being and connectedness to All. Just look at the list of some of the beautiful shamanic ways of personal growth and healings. It is well worth your efforts to have a harmonious and healthy life.

Understanding and living the way of the shaman as well as receiving healing toward this goal, is a chance to give yourself a beautiful, fulfilling life

It is about having love and passion in all of our relationships, regardless of whether they are animate or inanimate, people oriented or career oriented ~ love and passion in our dailly living

It is about consensual truths. The essential truth that is bound to the essence of life and love such as day and night ~ male and female ~ Unarguable concepts

It is about our wisdom and knowledge. Our genetic wisdom and our longings and yearnings. If we plant a tulip bulb, we do not get a daisy. We get a tulip! If injected with liver tissue, it goes to the liver and not the kidney ~ We are so smart

It is about unconditional, blissful, pure love. Love is light so we can grow. If we source from this love, we have no fears because being filled up with love allows no room for fear

It is about our oneness with all. Our communion with each other and all that is in the universe ~ a comfortable feeling of belonging ~ being a part of the “All”

It is about our spirit ~ our soul. Our soul gives form to life itself and our soul is about gentleness, lovingness, being at peace

It is about our becoming ~ that which we are growing into. “Embodying” our becoming ~ “becoming our becoming” is the key to all energy and we are responsible for our becoming

It is about letting go of our fears so that we can move into our becoming ~ through God, The Divine, Great Spirit, Universal Energy ~ your word for this

So go for it, schedule your shamanic healing.

Call me at 401-465-5438 or email me here.

Also, if you are interested in adding basic shamanic “healing tools” to your collection, please read Judy’s description of Mesas Mesa cloths as well as the shamanic usage of crytals crystals for sale.