Feng Shui

The Healing Power of Feng Shui

Creating a healthy self, home, and work environment through Feng Shui
Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placing objects within an environment to create balance in harmony with the universe ~ as Master Yin Yun says, “deflect ill fortune and attract good luck.”

The art of feng Shui is over 4,000 years old and it is more popular today than ever before. Many major businesses would never consider erecting a building without a Feng Shui expert overseeing the plans.

This combination of practical and mystical methods will create harmony and balance within your personal environments of finance, fame or rank, marriage or partnership, children, family, helpful people or travel, career, knowledge or wisdom, and health. And if your building already exists ~ no problem because the beauty of Feng Shui is that it is an art of “remedies.” There is a cure for almost any problem or negative obstacle.

However, Feng Shui is more than an art.
The Feng Shui that I practice is that of the Black Hat Tibetan Tantric sect (TTB). It differs from the other sects (red hat, yellow hat, white hat, and mixed hat), in that it uses the unorthodox approach of the front door as the directional guide (“Mouth of Ch’i”) rather than using compass directions. This is better suited for remedies, cures, and solutions in America. It, also, allows each room to have its own cures. TTB believes nothing is absolute or stationary – and if that isn’t the truth about life, then I don’t know what is!
Master Lin Yun, who now resides in California, is the authority of TTB.

Methodologies used for correcting financial, health, marriage or partnership, fame or rank, children, family, wisdom or knowledge, helpful people or travel, or career problems vary. Examples of some cures used in Feng Shui are: objects such as mirrors, chimes, lights, bamboo flutes, beaded curtains, mobiles, aquariums or fountains, crystals intangibles such as using the “Three Secrets” particular ceremonies to rid the environment of old, negative energy. Each environment needs to be evaluated before a remedy, cure, or solution is determined.
More often than not, people consult with a Feng Shui expert to increase their financial prosperity within their business and household. And I will talk about increasing finances, but please keep in mind that without your health and harmonious relationships, what good is financial prosperity? With that said:

Starting with colour:

Red is a very prosperous colour, as is black. Yellow, also, is a good colour. In America, we think of white as a great colour; however, that is the colour of mourning in the Orient!
Moving signs, aquariums (moving water), brass chimes, bird feeders, flutes are all good for financial prosperity because the ch’i (energy) flows through all of these. Each of the above creates movement. Stagnation deflects opportunities. Eight sided objects (called a ba-gua in Feng shui) are wonderful for financial gain. Put some in your place of business as well as mirrors, aquariums, others mentioned above. To create financial prosperity, one must place these objects, colours, etc. in the proper places and clear negative energy (perhaps from previous owners). Check out a successful Chinese restaurant because more likely than not, it has great Feng Shui!

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Letter to Judy

Dear Judy,
We cannot thank you enough for the service you performed on both our home and our place of business. We had many problems within our business and we nearly went bankrupt. We attributed this to the nature of the business because distributorships (being the middleman) is not an easy position to maintain in today’s world.
You suggested we start with our home and, in truth, we felt this was a waste of time. However, we went along with your suggestion and are grateful we did. Not only did our health problems clear up, but our arguing turned into beneficial discussions and our marriage is stronger than ever.
Next, you evaluated our business and there were so many things wrong with the set-up, we were discouraged. You promised it would not take much to turn things around and it didn’t. You rid the building of negative energy, placed crystals and mirrors to correct problematic areas, and placed positive energy in the building. We were skeptical that this would work. Today we are flourishing and get compliments of how comfortable people feel when they come into our place of business.

Linda and Jamiel Jackson
Ann Arbor, Michigan

To a question recently asked: Yes, a hexagon shape to a goldfish aquarium is excellent. Good thinking!